The above graph illustrates the water level at the Bealaboy Bridge Gauge (OPW Site Ref. 20016) below Dunmanway over the last 14 days.
Correlation between this level and the upper bandon level is dependant on the flow contributed by a tributary that joins just below Dunmanway.
As a rough guide, in early 2012, DaveP made the following observations:

  Description     Bealaboy Bridge     Long Bridge  
Very High 1.70m 1.16m
High 1.55m 0.80m
Medium 1.15m 0.40m
Low 0.87m 0.12m
Scrapable 0.65m 0.00m
Empty 0.50m -0.2m

Note that the vertical axis units are 'meters' relative to gauge datum . The units on the horizontal axis are days.
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